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The Teens Retreat was an opportunity for young believers to come together in a supportive and empowering environment to deepen their faith, strengthen their relationship with God, build lasting friendships with fellow Christians and most of all learn an easy way to share their faith. The retreat typically included worship, prayer, Bible study especially the book of Daniel, Evangelism Explosion training, Explores ‘Club training, games, small group discussions, and various team-building activities.

160 teens, including their teachers from 16 different churches in all Burundi participated in the “Reverse” retreat which was held at Hope Africa University Campus by Evangelism Explosion (EE-Burundi), from 26th to 30th December 2023. Pastor Shane McCurry and his wife Gabrielle McCurry from Water Springs Church in the USA, were the special guests of the retreat.


What was the purpose of the retreat?


The purpose of the retreat was to prepare young believers to live a life that gives witness in the Father’s vineyard. The goals were: Helping God’s children to rekindle the will of bringing the lost, regaining strength to “REVERSE” with the World and teaching them a very easy skill to share their faith with others using their hands.


The main message of the retreat was found in the Book of Daniel. Even though the battle was tough, Daniel and his friends did not defile themselves by eating unclean food or turn their back to God. They stood firm and chose to worship their God. Using the book of Daniel, National Director of EE-Burundi Audry and Pastor Shane emphasized also on the following points:

 1. Kneeling before God when others are standing before other gods: We see an act of humility, reverence, and faith in Daniel and his friend’s behavior. It symbolizes submission to the one true God and recognizes His sovereignty over all other gods or idols. By kneeling before God in the midst of others standing before false gods,  we demonstrate our unwavering devotion and loyalty to Him alone. It is a powerful reminder that He alone is worthy of our worship and praise, and that no other gods can compare to His greatness and glory.

2.    Standing before God when others are kneeling before other gods: As believers, we have to show perseverance in our faith and live by the truth. By standing before God when others are kneeling before other gods, we manifest a strong faith in God and a refusal to bow down before any other god.

3.     See what others don’t:  In the retreat, teens were encouraged to trust in God’s plan when things seem uncertain and to believe in His goodness even when things seem dark. It is through our faith and reliance on God that we can find hope, strength, and guidance in times of doubt and challenge. When we choose to see the world through God's eyes, we are able to see the beauty, love, and grace that exists all around us, even in the midst of trials and struggles. God's perspective helps us to see beyond our limited understanding and to trust in His greater plan for our lives and for the whole creation through Jesus Christ.

4.     Do what others won’t: This may mean standing up for what is right, showing love and compassion to those who are in need, forgiving those who have wronged us, and living a life that reflects the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. It can be challenging to go against the norm and do what others may not understand or approve of. However, as Christians, we are called to be a light in the world and to live out our faith in a way that honors God. Ultimately, our trust and obedience to God should guide our actions, even if it means going against the grain. By following God's will and living out our faith boldly, we can make a positive impact on those around us and bring glory to God.

On 29th, with so much joy, the teens went to share their Faith at COTEBU bus station and the result was breathtaking; in that one afternoon, they reached out 350 people, 192 accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; and 150 were encouraged and drawn back to God. It was a great experience for many of the teens who shared their faith for the first time. When the teens went back home, they started evangelizing to their families, neighbors, community members and the outcome is overwhelming.

The retreat provided a safe and nurturing space for the teens and their teachers to be spiritually refreshed, inspired, and well equipped to evangelize. It was a transformative experience that helped the youth and their teachers to grow in their faith and develop a greater sense of “SHARING THEIR FAITH”.We thank God for the tremendous success of “Nyuranya (Reverse) Youth Convention, and we are very thankful for our Partners who never cease to support and encourage us.


Abundant blessings


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