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TEENS convention

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Dear friend, we are excited to inform you we are having a teens event that is happening soon this December 26th to 30th 2023.

We are having a big evangelism event soon this December 26th to 30th. The Burundian protestant church is almost one century old (The first protestant mission was established in 1928). Most Burundians claim to be Christians (75%), yet few church members have really put their trust in Jesus Christ. Many believe in salvation through their works.

In addition to that, with this modern era, many nominative Christians are leaving the church and joining atheism which is a fast-growing movement here. Youth are finding some church traditions obsolete which makes them quit the church massively.

The "REVERSE" teens event comes as an initiative of Evangelism Explosion Burundi to mobilize Christian teenagers to witness to their friends;

In this three-day event we will train more than two hundred teenagers in an easy to remember and hard to forget plan of gospel presentation. We'll also have a great time preaching to them through the book of Daniel. Through that book, we will challenge them to kneel when others stand, to stand when others kneel in front of evil, to see what others don't, and do what others don't.

We are currently inviting all our friends to Partner with us in order to make this happen. There are three ways in which we invite you to Partner with us:


We are convinced that there is a spiritual battle behind everything that happen in God's Kingdom. We need much prayer than we think: this is why we invite you to be our intercessor while we minister to these teens.


By giving only 45usd, you support a teen with accommodation, food and training materials. (most of these courageous teens are from vulnerable families)

Thank you for partnering with us in expanding God’s Kingdom in Burundi.

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